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Clement Middle School

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Choir & Music Appreciation

Choir (6th, 7th & 8th) - In Choir, we will focus on individual and ensemble skill development utilizing proper, safe vocal techniques. Additional focus will be in the areas of pitch, vowel quality and purity, ear training, intonation, articulation, as well as artistic expression. In addition to fundamental vocal techniques students will also learn important aspects of music theory, ear training, historical context, and other areas that relate to the music learning experience. Students will be asked to perform music from the vocal music literature with proper singing posture, either sitting or standing, with breath support, attention to proper vowel concepts in a Bel Canto, choral style.   All Students are expected to participate in all class activities and performances and follow all instructions AT ALL TIMES.  Participation in Concerts is required of all students.

Music Appreciation (7th) - Music Appreciation is structured to increase the student’s awareness of various types of music in western culture, and the historical and cultural events that shaped and brought about the music.  Over the semester we’ll discuss and explore music from a historical perspective.  It is my hope that you will learn how the music in our lives is shaped by both the historical context in which it was written and the needs of the culture of the time that produced the different types of music and played a role in shaping the music that we listen to today